Super Jesus Piece of Knock on Wood

“My mom is catholic and she would always carry this wooden cross with a jesus face on it in the car. And it was like this huge, chunky, wooden cross. So it would constantly fall off so she would like superglue it on, like she was super obsessed with that goddamn thing being on there. And, like, any time she breaker really hard it would just lie go and hit me in the face if I was sitting there and I would be like, ‘fuck,’ and she would be like, ‘why are you cursing the sacred Jesus cross?!’ But she actually had it in the car, she always said, because it was good to knock on wood, so she would knock on that when she would almost get in an accident or something. So it was her, like, super Jesus…piece of knock on wood.”

Knocking on wood is very commonly used, including a song called “Knock on Wood” by Eddie Flood and Steve Cropper. Knocking on wood is supposed to prevent tempting fate. The cross with jesus adds another protection through a religious belief.