Throw Ice Out The Window For A Snow Day

Get Those Cubes Ready

I maintain contact with all my friends back home through the Internet. One of the sites that helps me to do that is  HYPERLINK “” On this website, people that I’m friends with can post what are called “bulletins” which are like little e-mails that go out to all of their friends. People usually write them saying something like “Ugh, my day sucked” and then friends who are interested in hearing why can write back and ask.
One day I was checking out the bulletins that my friends posted, and I came across one that my mother’s best friend’s daughter (who I went to Elementary school with), Olivia posted, which said:

throw ice out your window…

we want snow

my sister and her class did it their senior year and you know what happened

the blizzard of ‘05

so hoes get your ice cubes ready”

That’s the literal text, transcribed exactly how it was written. I immediately copied and pasted this bulletin for this project. I’d never heard of this tradition, but I believe that people back home would do it. We love to get snow days, a day off to chill inside or go out and go sledding, especially the seniors, who don’t have to make up the missed school days at the end of the year. The fact that Olivia mentions how her sister’s high school class did it supports the fact that this is an up and coming tradition. I almost wished I was back home so I could participate in this new tradition. It might just result in a bunch of ice cubes making square-shaped holes in an inch of snow, which would be somewhat disappointing. But if there was a snow day the next day, I’d feel really great about throwing those cubes out the window. In the end, it’d be worth it to at least try.