T-Pose Fundamentals


Interviewer: “So do you have any weird traditions in the animation department?”

Informant: “Yeah so we always have jokes about people in T-Pose. So T-Pose is the default position of…a…rig. Yeah it’s…the most plain uh zeroed out position any 3D model or rig is in. Um some people have started telling horror stories about people in T-Pose. Uh we would be working in…uh…the 2D lab and horror stories would start spreading about…you know you’re sitting in a lab alone. You’re working on your in-betweens for Eric’s class when suddenly… the lights go out. You don’t know what’s going on but all of a sudden…for a while it was something about Waluigi, the Mario character. A tposing Waluigi clips through the wall…and starts coming towards you. What do you do? And it suddenly becomes this Choose Your Own Adventure story…so it always starts the exact same of like…lights go out,a Tposing someone, sometimes it was our professors, sometimes it was heads of the department of the School of Cinematic Arts. Sometimes it was our friends. But they would always be in T-Pose and not move and just move their like…like move their body position. They would always stay in T-Pose and then move towards you. And it becomes this like Choose Your Own Adventure thing and so we called them T-Pose Hypotheticals. It was…what do you do? I mean they got like pretty ridiculous. One time there was one where it was like…okay…you are a spy during the cold war and you’re…in the…in Russia like like in the arctic and suddenly you look in a cabin and you see two tposing polar bears. They clip through the walls and start coming after you. What do you do? And that’s the Animation Tposing Hypotheticals.”

Interviewer: “That was amazing. Has that been going on before your like… year?”

Informant: “No I think our year started it because it was just us bored in the kitchen. I think Efren was the one who really ran with them but like…yeah Efren was the most creative with them and…I mean it’s even become like we started getting memes like someone posted like a picture of like a bunch of people doing yoga in the park. But they were all in T-Pose so we started joking how it ‘sounds like a Hypothetical’. Yeah.”


T-Pose Fundamentals are a series of folk jokes or folk stories that are told throughout the Animation department. As far as we know, the tradition is one that started with the current sophomores of the animation department. It’s not known who began the tradition, but Efren is well known for performing it. Overall, it’s a form of entertainment for the animation students.