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Festival de Force

Context: The informant is my mother, identified as L.M., a woman born, raised, and living in Northern California. Both of her paternal grandparents were of Basque descent. Her paternal grandmother emigrated from the French Pyrenees as a teenager, arriving at Ellis Island speaking only the French and Basque languages, and taking a train across the… Continue Reading »

Leg of Lamb

Context: The informant is my uncle and he is identified as J.I. He was raised in the Bay Area by my grandparents alongside my mother. He is of Basque descent and takes great pride in Basque culture and his heritage. Main Text: “One of our traditions was pretty much every other Sunday we would go… Continue Reading »

The Wooden Table

Background: My informant is a twenty-one year old student at USC; she’s studying neuroscience with an eye towards medical school. Her father is Laotian and French and her mother is French. Performance: “Both of my parents believe in ghosts. This happened to my mom — or maybe it didn’t happen to her but it happened… Continue Reading »