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MAIN PIECE: Informant: So my grandma does this a lot and I actually just asked her for clarification about it, but… A lot of the time when I was younger, and especially now, I’ll like wake up and the house will smell like… Smoke… It smells like burnt popcorn, almost? And it’s not like a… Continue Reading »

Jõulu Vana – The Estonian Santa Claus

Informant’s Background: The informant, in this case, is my mother, M, who was a first generation immigrant born to an Estonian family in the North-East of Canada. Her family had escaped from occupied Estonia, and had settled in Canada before she was born. She moved with my father to Los Angeles, in the United States,… Continue Reading »

Don’t Sweep Over Someone’s Feet

Context This proverb is collected during a conversation I had with a friend when she came over for dinner at my house. ———————————————————————————————————— Performance The following is a proverb told to me by the interviewee. I: Don’t sweep over someone’s feet or else they will go to jail M: Who shared this proverb to you?… Continue Reading »