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“Wherever you go, there’s always someone Jewish…”

“Wherever you go, there’s always someone Jewish. You’re never alone when you say you’re a Jew. So when you’re not home, and you’re somewhere kind of newish, The odds are, don’t look far – ‘cause they’re Jewish, too.   Amsterdam, Disneyland, Tel Aviv – oh, they’re miles apart, But, when we light the candles on… Continue Reading »

Miss Susie

[Assorted singing] (Wait, start over, I have to transcribe this) [A and B singing over each other]   Miss Susie had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell, Miss Susie went to Heaven, the steamboat went to–   –Hello operator, I’m caller number nine and if you disconnect me I’ll chop off your be–  … Continue Reading »

The Stump Murderer

Folklore Piece “So this is just an old ghost story from camp, in northern Wisconsin. But this guy who was an old janitor at the camp went out to the woods to start chopping trees to make room for this new court they wanted to build. So he started chopping down trees with an axe… Continue Reading »