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Deceiving Yourself 掩耳盗铃

Background: My friend and I were talking about how different countries cope with the pandemic. We found that a few politicians around the world didn’t take the coronavirus seriously enough at first and pretended that it was only a small problem. My friend described them as “掩耳盗铃”. Main piece: 掩耳盗铃 Pinyin: yan er dao ling… Continue Reading »

Chinese Proverb of “To Kill Two Birds with One Stone”

Main Story:  “There is a common saying in Chinese (Mandarin) : 箭双雕”  Original Script : 箭双雕  Phonetic: Yi (Yee) Jian Shuang Diao Transliteration: Complete two tasks with one job  Full translation: to shoot two birds with one arrow This saying is also present in English, it is the same concept as “to kill two birds… Continue Reading »

Chinese Proverb/ Chengyu

Note: The form of this submission includes the dialogue between the informant and I before the cutoff (as you’ll see if you scroll down), as well as my own thoughts and other notes on the piece after the cutoff. The italics within the dialogue between the informant and I (before the cutoff) is where and what… Continue Reading »