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Chopsticks manner 1

Mainpiece: Don’t stick your chopsticks into your rice. Background Information: I was having dinner with my family back in my father’s home town when I was younger. When we are watiting for other family members to be seated, my younger cousin casually sticked his chopsticks into his bowl of rice. My father stopped him. My… Continue Reading »

The Dumber the Name, The Better the Food

My sister got this saying from a guy she was seeing at the time. He was extremely well traveled, and used this trick for finding close to/authentic Chinese food in America. Allegra: “So his advice is to look for the Chinese restaurant with the weirdest name – the name that makes no sense in English…. Continue Reading »

Children’s Chinese Restaurant Chant

Ruchika Tanna Los Angeles, California April 25, 2012 Folklore Type: Childhood Chant Informant Bio: Ruchika is my friend and fellow Archaeology major. Ruchika is a Sophomore at the University of Southern California. She has moved around her whole life. She is Indian. Context: We were both in Intro to Folklore and decided to meet before… Continue Reading »