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English riddle

Main piece:  The following is transcribed from a riddle between the informant and interviewer. Informant: A red guy lives in a red house  Interviewer: A red guy lives in a red house. Ok.  Informant: A blue guy lives in a blue house. Interviewer: Blue guy in blue house. Informant: yes, uhhh a green guy lives… Continue Reading »

Holi – Hindu Festival

“So Holi is a Hindu festival, traditionally a religious festival, that kind of symbolizes the beginning of spring and the end of winter. It’s kind of like a fun festival where people kind of get together and meet people and have fun. It usually involves wearing white clothing and throwing vibrant, colored power at each… Continue Reading »

The Luck of Red – Chinese Superstition

“So there is a kind of tradition in China, that for example, I was born in the Year of Rabbit, so when it is the Year of Rabbit again, I need to wear red underwears again for the entire year to ensure luck and happiness.” Context: The informant, YT, is a student at USC originally… Continue Reading »