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Cow Tipping?

Dione Surdez Oliver was born in Santa Ana, California in 1969.  She moved to Crooks, South Dakota when she was four years old.  She grew up on her family’s small dairy farm.  At the age of eighteen she moved back to Southern California.  She worked in the music industry for some time as well as a legal assistant for a number of years.  In 2003 Dione decided to pursue her educational endeavors and began studying at Santa Monica Community College.  She transferred to the University of Southern California in the fall of 2006 and was granted the Norman Topping Student Aid Fund Scholarship.  In 2009 Dione graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative writing and a minor in Cultural Anthropology.  She graduated with honors and received the Order of Troy.  She currently resides in Manhattan Beach, California and where she is the director of CrossFit Zen and is working on entering the Masters of Professional Writing program at USC.

Cow Tipping?

“I have never in my life heard of cow tipping until I came to Southern California.  Funny, because I grew up on a dairy farm. (laughs)  So, they tell me that people go and tip a cow over as they are sleeping … STANDING UP! (chuckles, again)  This is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard.  And of course there are no video recordings of this happening because it is impossible.  And it is always some drunk schmuck saying they did it, as if you somehow become stronger when you are drunk.  Anyway, as the legend (holds up two fingers to make quotes) goes somebody sneaks up on a cow as they are sleeping standing up.  Problem number one, you cannot sneak up on a cow.  Trust me.  I tried it all the time on the farm and, let me tell you, it cannot be done.  Second, cows do not sleep standing up. Period.  So this super strong drunk dude supposedly pushes over said cow, in this vulnerable cow state, and the cow, startled, tips over.  So simple.  You simply push over a 1000+ pound animal by simply exerting the smallest amount of force with your tiny index finger.  What a crock of shit! (hysterical laughter follows) Californians, I tell you. (continues laughing)”


I found this story to be particularly funny mainly because I have always heard of cow tipping but had no idea what it was.  And I agree that these stories always seem to revolve around really drunk men.  According to the Laws of Physics alone, this type of feat is literally impossible.  I wonder how is has gained so much popularity and has become so common.