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Shrimp Proverb

Main Piece: Proverb “El camaron que se duerma se la lleva la corriente” Translation: A sleeping shrimp will be swept by the current. Background Information: Why does informant know this piece? He was constantly told that as a kid because he would procrastinate on his assignments Where did they learn this piece? From his Cuban […]

Agua Que No Vas a Beber Déjala Correr

Cuban culture in general is incredibly vibrant and colorful. With recent tourism to Cuba rising, foreigners often underestimate how vibrant the buildings, cars, and clothes are in Cuba. And this powerful expression also transfers over into language and proverbs. Although the Cuban diaspora is widespread, our vernacular holds us together. When visiting home recently, my aunt and grandmother came […]

Cuban Proverb #2

Original Text: “Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.” Transliteration: “Shrimp that sleeps is taken by the current.” Translation: “A shrimp that sleeps will be taken by the current.”   The meaning of this proverb is that a person who is lazy won’t amount to much. The source says that her mother often […]

Cuban Proverb

Original Script: “El que nace para real, a peseta nunca llega.” Transliteration: “He who borns for real [Cuban coin, equivalent to a dime], to peseta [Cuban coin, equivalent to a quarter] never arrives.” Translation: “He who is born to a dime will never make it to a quarter.”   This Cuban proverb talks about fate. […]

Cuban Riddle

Original Script: “Un muchacho le pregunta a una muchacha, ‘Cómo te llamas?’ Ella le contesta, ‘Si el enamorado es entendido, ahí va mi nombre y el color de mi vestido. La respuesta correcta es, ‘Su nombre es Elena y su vestido es morado.” Transliteration: “A boy asks a girl, ‘How do you call yourself?’ She […]