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Joke: Saving it for Later

Main Piece:  Informant: “My grandpa, he had this big bushy moustache and so he would always get food stuck in it. And people would like point it out, like if my mom was like ‘Hey, you have something in your moustache’ he’d be like ‘Hm. Saving it for later.’” Background: My informant acknowledged that he… Continue Reading »

British Bus Driver Joke

Piece: Informant:  *Speaking in an artificial British accent* Bus driver pulls up to a bus stop, opens the door, looks out and there’s a guy standing there. This guy has one leg, three eyes, no arms.  So the bus driver looks at him and says, “Aye aye aye, you look ‘armless.”  Background: The informant was… Continue Reading »

Harry Poter Joke

Main Piece:  The following is transcribed from a joke told to myself, GK, by the informant, CZ.  CZ: How does Harry Potter get down a hill?  GK: I don’t know. How? CZ: J.K. Rolling Background: The informant is a 20 year old, who is a huge Harry Potter fan. He claims to have found this… Continue Reading »

The Talking Mule

Subject: The subject is a student at USC who grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. I wanted to know if there were any local tales or folklore she knew of while growing up, so I interviewed her for the project.   Piece: Subject: There was this joke my grandpa used to tell us a lot… Continue Reading »

Chinoisms: Sleep

Context & Analysis The subject often mentions her mother’s “Chinoisms”, or unique sayings that her mother learned when growing up in Chino, CA. Below is the subject’s direct quote on the origin of her mother’s proverbs:             “So my mom comes from Chino [California], and so she has a plethora of sayings that I didn’t… Continue Reading »