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The Beaver, the Duck, and the Frog

The interviewer’s comments are denoted through initials GM, while the interviewee’s responses are denoted by a PO. PO: “One time my Grandma told me this funny story. It’s this beaver that is a friend of a duck and this frog that’s a bully… it’s this poisonous frog that’s a bully. And then the frog says… Continue Reading »

Two Twin Ducks

Lawson Franklin Echols-Richter Houston, Texas April 9, 2012 Folklore Type: Riddle Informant Bio: Lawson is my youngest cousin. He is eleven years old. He is from Frisco, Texas and has lived there his whole life. Lawson is the younger of two boys, and both of his parents are Methodist Pastors. He enjoys video games and showing… Continue Reading »