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Presence in our House

Ok so when we bought our house – I don’t believe in this stuff – but in the house around the kitchen area, I just had a sense that there was a presence, and it was definitely what I believed to be the wife of the previous owner. She just seemed to be lurking around there. Like I said she…she just…

We would come upstairs from the garage to the kitchen, and I would feel that she was looking at us and peering at us. For several years I felt that this was going on, and that she was looking out from the kitchen window outside to us as we approached the house. It went on for several years. It wasn’t a scary feeling… it was just as if she was checking things out. And then one day, she kind of just disappeared. She wasn’t there anymore. I kind of forgot about it and then when I remembered, I thought about how she didn’t really come out anymore like she used to. It’s been 15 years in the house, and she hasn’t been around for…I don’t know… maybe 8 years.

You never saw her?

It was just a white, vague presence but you felt it. And then it was gone. Haven’t seen her since.

Did you feel a sense of relief when you thought she had gone?

It’s interesting you say that because it didn’t really bother me. It bothered me in the beginning, but I just got used to it. I just don’t know.


Background: This was a narrative my uncle told me about his house where he lives with my aunt and my cousins in Glendale. It was significant to him because it was the only type of supernatural interaction he claims to have ever had, but it wasn’t super bothersome to him, because as stated above he said it wasn’t the most strong presence and that he didn’t really mind it. I conducted this interview live at my uncle’s house, so this story was given to me live. I thought this was an interesting story because first, the presence he felt was not very strong, which is fairly different from the rest of the stories I have collected, which all otherwise state that whatever they felt was very strong and trying to communicate something to them.