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Taste the Soup

BACKGROUND: GH is the interviewer’s father. GH: “ “Guy goes into a restaurant, orders soup. Soup’s delivered. After awhile, he signals the waiter. The waiter says “sir, is there a problem with the soup?”The man says, “taste the soup.”“Is it too hot?”“Taste the soup.”“is it too cold?”“tASTE the soup.”“Is it too spicy?”“Taste the soup.”“Is it… Continue Reading »


Main Piece: The informant’s grandmother, whom many call Chuita, was a midwife and hero in the small town of Caazapa, Paraguay. Chuita only went to school up 1st grade (a very baseline education) and, instead of becoming a nun and living in a convent, she asked her aunt about how she could help the town…. Continue Reading »