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Καλαματιανός/Kalamatianos (Song)

DESCRIPTION Καλαματιανός (Kalamatianos) is a greek folk song that is performed alongside a folk dance with the same name. It is performed in a faster Syrtos, 4/4 rhythm.  It is commonly performed at festivals, parties, and Greek nightclubs. “Καλαματιανός is a song with loose instrumentation, but more consistent lyrics that we’d dance to back in… Continue Reading »

Alouette: French Nursery Rhyme

Context CW, with a mug of hot tea sits, on my couch after an afternoon of doing homework and recounts stories from their childhood CW was raised French and attended a French immersion school. The atmosphere is calm, the air is calm and the room is mostly quiet in between stories. ———————————————————————————————————————Background: CW learned Alouette… Continue Reading »