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Undie Run-UCLA Folk Tradition

Context: This is a folk tradition that occurs at UCLA during finals week as a means of blowing off steam, my brother learned this tradition as a freshman and gave his opinions on the tradition and its value. K: So ya….uh. Undie Run is basically a quarterly tradition at UCLA in which the Wednesday of… Continue Reading »

Irish Sing Song

The Main Piece:  The following is a conversation about an Irish tradition called Sing Song.  Informant: Sing Song! Ya they’re just kind of automatic after dinner. There can be a conversation but like it’ll just naturally go towards like “oh hey I heard the new single the Foggy June” and someone will be like “Oh… Continue Reading »

Libation- Folk Religious Practice

Context: Libation is a form of prayer and is an African tradition. We pray through our ancestors to commune with God. Our ancestors are our guardian angels and we pray through them because of their honesty, purity, and integrity. We call on our male and female ancestors and call on the female ancestors specifically because they… Continue Reading »

Ole Miss “Hotty Toddy” Cheer

Main Piece:  Informant- *Loud Shouting Voice*  Hell yeah, damn right!!! hotty toddy gosh almighty who in the hell are we HEY!!! flim flam, bim bam OLE MISS BY DAMN! Interviewer- Is there a specific time you sing the song?  Informant- The song is a response to the usually shouted phrase “Are You Ready?”. It is… Continue Reading »