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Russian Wedding Tradition

каравай Transliteration: Korovai Description: Korovai is a large bread that is baked for the wedding day. It takes a few days to prepare it. The bread is always round, decorated, and supposed to represent the God of the sun. The bread is brought out on a towel or a blanket that has symbols of love… Continue Reading »

The Ritual of Miyeok-guk (미역국)

Main Piece: The following is transcribed from a conversation between me (LT) and my informant (GK).  GK: Every year on your birthday, you eat the same thing, and it’s Seaweed Soup. The Korean name is Miyeok-guk (미역국), which literally translates to “seaweed soup.”  LT: I’m assuming there’s something symbolic there, right? GK: You’re supposed to… Continue Reading »

Nepali Winter Holiday Food

Background Informant: S.S. – a current Senior in college in Indiana, originally from Nepal. Context S.S. entire family still resides in Nepal and he always felt very connected to his heritage through food and by cooking the traditional meals from his home country. The collector has personally enjoyed S.S. meals and has observed the performance… Continue Reading »

Mince and Tatties

Context: I conducted this interview over the phone, the subject was born and raised in Scotland before moving to England, Canada, the United States, then to Northern Ireland, and, finally, back to the United States. I knew she continued to practice certain traditions which were heavily present in her childhood and wanted to ask her… Continue Reading »