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The Blue Light

Background: My informant for this piece grew up in rural, northern Wisconsin. I know from personal experience that living in an isolated area such as this one can cause serious boredom, especially during adolescence. Because of this, people who grow up away from the city often make their own fun, creating games and exploring the… Continue Reading »

Haunted Theaters and Ghost Lights

My friend shared this story with me and another female friend one night in the kitchen after work. I asked this friend about her haunted house and she later shared that her classmates always left a ‘ghost light’ in the school theater. It was bad luck not to leave a ghost light. This friend also… Continue Reading »

Theater Ghost Spotlight Ritual

Here is a transcription of my (CB) interview with my informant (AH). CB: “Can you tell me about that ritual for theater ghosts?” AH: “Uh so have you ever heard of the ghost light?” CB: “No” AH: “So its tradition in theater that when you shut down at the end of the night that you… Continue Reading »