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Main Piece (Direct Transcription): A tradition at my school for all sixth graders is called convocation.  I remember my first day of sixth grade, they paired me up with a senior the first day of school and we walked up the long brick pathway at our school up to the gym.  It’s a way of […]

“You’re My Best Friend…”

(In an Irish accent) “You’re my best friend and I don’t care what they say about ya.” Papa always used to say that. He said it to me the most, I think. The best part is there was not context. As he was leaving our house, he just gave me a kiss and hug goodbye […]

Kissing the Wall

Item: Me: “Do people look for their specific lip marks when they come back?” Informant: “Oh god no, it would be impossible to find them.” In the informant’s ballet company, when a member was doing their last performance of a show (as in, your last ever Nutcracker performance), it was tradition to put on bright […]