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Derogatory Joke About Romani People

Main Piece: Subject: This is more of just like a classic- I think- Old man folklore. My Grandfather was basically like, “Yeah you know, you can’t trust gypsies.” He’s from Alabama. But he said, “You can’t trust gypsies. One time when I was little, we had a gypsy neighbor go around and ask for sugar… Continue Reading »

The Little Piccolo Player

“Prišel je tsiganček sajast kako vranček; Igral je na piščalko Milo in pelo Kakor malo kdo.” — Translation: “There came a little gypsy boy Black with soot/dirtlike a crow; [Dark as a crow] He played on the piccolo gently and beautifully like very few could.” — This  is a traditional Slovenian nursery rhyme, one that… Continue Reading »

The Gypsy Rover

The Gypsy Rover A lullaby that the informant’s  grandmother would sing to her mom:   “The gypsy rover came over the hill, down the through the valley so shady. whistled and he sand, ‘till the green wood sprang, and he won the heart of a lady. “And then it’s like: “Ah-di-do, ah-di-do-da-day, ah-di-do-ah-di-day-O! whistled and… Continue Reading »