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Oyster stew on Christmas

Text   INFORMANT: We had a nasty tradition growing up that I absolutely hated.   ME: What was it?   INFORMANT: Well papa was really German and, I guess, proud of his German heritage, and it’s an old German tradition to eat oyster stew at big meals, so he made us all eat the stew… Continue Reading »

Italian Proverb: “Old Age is Trouble”

Is there something of a proverb that comes to mind from home? J.A. – “La vecchia e una rogne; ma si non l’arrive, e una veregogna.” (Italian) Translates to: Old age is trouble; but if you don’t get there, it’s a shame. J.A. – “My parents’ people were farmers in Italy.  This saying has a… Continue Reading »

Recipe for Matzoh Brie

Ingredients: – Matzoh bread – Eggs – Salt & Pepper   Steps D.F. – “Some people do it differently, but my family – you start with one board of matzoh per egg, so – if you have two boards of matzah, that’s two eggs, and a bowl of warm water uh: – First you need… Continue Reading »

“Sir Nikolai” – Russian Joke

Sir Nikolai (The attachment contains the joke spoken in Russian, an additional translation, as well as some commentary by both the informant and collector.) Transcript of audio file (condensed and edited): Informant: This  one is what my grandpa always used to tell me. [Joke in Russian]. It means, “A man named Nikolai sitting at home… Continue Reading »