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Imagine you are in a Brick Room

Text: Informant (R): I also used to do a bunch of riddles and stuff, like while hiking at summer camp, you know? Collector (J): yeah, yeah, that was fun! R: My favorite was the brick room one. J: oh yeah, that one messed with me as a kid, I felt so dumb because I couldn’t figure… Continue Reading »


Main piece: People used to say that on the part of the trail, right after you cross into North Carolina, there were a lot of locals who weren’t crazy about having so many outsiders pass through the backcountry. So they’d hang hooks from the trees on fishing line, to catch the eyes of passersthru. It… Continue Reading »

Bears and Menstruation

My mother grew up in rural California. She spent a lot of her time outside and hiking. When she was a Girl Scout, she heard that when you are on your period you should avoid going in the great outdoors. JE:”I always heard growing up that it wasn’t safe to hike or go camping while… Continue Reading »