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Russian Holiday

Масленица Transliteration: Maslenitsa Translation: Butter Week Description: This is a spring equinox pancake holiday. During the festival everyone eats pancakes, burns dolls made of hay (effigies). The burning of the dolls is mostly done in villages. They also jump over a pit of fire. Maslenitsa is a Pagan holiday. The holiday is a way of… Continue Reading »

Armenian Vardavar Festival

Վարդավառ Transliteration: Vardavar Translation: Flaming Rose Description: Annual festival that Armenians celebrate on July 8th. Name literally means to sprinkle with water and the flaming of the rose. The legend comes from goddess of love named Astghik who spread love across Armenia by sprinkling rose water across the land. The god Vaghan is the person… Continue Reading »

Russian Holiday: Ivan Kupala

Иван Купала Transliteration: Ivan Kupala Description: This is a traditional slavic holiday. It is the celebration of the summer solstice when nights are the shortest (around June-July) although, every year is different. It is an incorporation of a number of pagan rituals. On the eve of Ivan kupala there are ceremonies conducted which symbolize elements… Continue Reading »

Til gul gya, goad bola on Sankrati

Piece Original script (if applicable) तील गूळ ग्या, गोड बोला Phonetic (Roman) script Til gool gya, goad bola Transliteration Sesame jaggery get, sweet talk. Full translation Eat sesame jaggery candy and talk sweetly. Background This is a Marathi phrase that is said on a holiday called Sankranti. It is spoken to everyone on this day… Continue Reading »