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Jumping Three Times at Midnight on New Years

Piece AM: If you jump three times at midnight [on New Years] you’ll get taller. That’s what my grandparents tell me when I was little.  Interviewer: Did you do it? AM: Yeah, but did I get taller. No! I’m 5’2 still. It was just on New Years when it hits 12:00am. Interviewer: Is this a… Continue Reading »

Sweeping Good Luck Away– Filipino custom

Piece: Informant: If, ah– let’s say you’re sweeping at night, and you have your, y’know.. So if you sweep at night, don’t sweep the dirt, the– y’know, the dirt out on the door. It’s, ah, bad, bad luck. Collector: If you sweep it out the door? Informant: Out the door. So it has to be–you… Continue Reading »