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बंदर क्या जाने अदरक का स्वाद (How can a monkey appreciate the taste of ginger?)

Context: My informant, AS, is a 19-year-old Indian male who grew up in Mumbai, though he has lived in Southern California for the past three years. He now attends UCI. He is fluent in both English and Hindi. This piece was collected during a facetime call, when I asked him to share a typical Hindi… Continue Reading »

Ah, Yes, Procrastination is, in Fact, Bad: A Proverb

The Interviewer will be referred to as ‘I’, and the informant as ‘P’. Translations for Hindi words will be italicised and in parentheses. The Informant is a 48-year-old Punjabi woman, born and raised in North India. P: So, we say, ‘kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab. Pal mein pralay hoyega, bahuri karega… Continue Reading »

Proverb – Come and hit me bull

Context & Background: An example of a proverb similar to ‘asking for it’. Translated from Hindi to English.  Informant – collector’s father.   Performance: (in person) Proverb: “Aa Bail Mujhe Maar” Transliteration: Aa: come Bail: bull Mujhe: me  Maar: hit Translation: Come bull, hit me.    Explanation: When someone tells you this proverb it means that you’re… Continue Reading »

Indian Proverb – “After the Ramayana is over, she’s asking who is Ram and who is Sita.”

Main Piece Informant: “Another saying translates to “after the whole Ramayana is over, she’s asking who is Ram and who is Sita.” The Ramayana is a super famous story in Indian culture and history, and is also very long. Ram is the main prince character, and he is also a god reincarnated, and Sita is… Continue Reading »