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Eggs – Persian New Year

Description of Informant PK (79) is a small, frail woman with dyed blonde hair and piercing eyes. PK was born and raised in Abadan, Iran in an “Oil Company Family.” OCFs were families whose primary income came from the large British oil company in Iran. They were well compensated and taken care of, living in… Continue Reading »

Jump Over Fire Into The New Year

Context:   The informant and I are eating lunch outside of Fertitta Hall around 12:00 pm. She describes to me about how she would bring in the New Year due to her Persian heritage. Body: Informant: “So there’s a Persian holiday that you actually celebrate the day before Persian New Year. And Persian New Year,… Continue Reading »

Jumping Fire: Persian New Year

The Folklore: K: Would you like me to tell you about a Persian New Year tradition? E: Yes, please do. K: Every Persian New Year everyone  jumps over a burning fire. A contained fire of course. E: Does everyone participate? K: Older people and young children don’t. But those who aren’t sick and are able… Continue Reading »