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Iranian New Year Tradition (Haft-sin)

Name: Haft-sin (هفت‌سین) Main Piece Me: So, I know people in Iran celebrate their New Year next month. Informant: Yeah, Nowruz. It’s in March, but I’m not sure what day it’s on because it’s always different I think. Me: Is there anything you guys do on that day? Or any particular dish that is traditional… Continue Reading »

Iranian Baklava

Main description: AB: “Are there any Iranian foods which have a special meaning to you?” DB: “No. Haha, jk. Um, special meaning… probably baklava.” AB: “Awesome! What can you tell me about Iranian Baklava?” DB: “I’ll tell you how mamanjoun taught me to make it. First, you roll out some phyllo dough on the counter…. Continue Reading »

Del o Jigar: Iranian Comfort Food

Context: I asked the informant if he wished to participate in the folklore project fifteen minutes after he had smoked a bowl of marijuana from a bong. He was extremely enthusiastic about participating in the collection project, but wasn’t sure exactly what I meant by “folklore.” I explained to him that it could be a traditional… Continue Reading »