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Lashes for wishes

I know one thing that I always did with my family was to make sure that when I had a lash on my face you had to guess on what side of your face it was and then if you guessed it right, the person would grab it and you had to blow it out of their fingers as you made a wish. Well then I guess this was just something that I like grew up with and my mom used to do it to me when my eyelashes would fall on my face, so  now I just do it to my little brother and it is just another fun way to make wishes I guess and kinda have that “wish upon a star” feeling you know?

This story was very closely linked to the story that I was told also about the making wishes upon dandelions and this idea that the media tries to inflict upon the more common folklore nowadays that fantasy world is real. With being able to have wishes at our disposal it makes our generation more prone to that “head in the clouds” feeling. Media creates a way for people to fantasize about their dreams and therefore keeps hope present in different people.