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Venezuelan Power Outage Meme

Context: This meme was sent to me after we discussed the usage of Whatsapp in by Venezuelans to spread jokes, especially concerning the current Venezuelan humanitarian crisis and recent power outage that swept the nation in March 2019. Piece: Exact Translation: What is the sensation of living in Venezuela? Something like this but without light. Holistic Translation:… Continue Reading »

Diwali Holiday and Legend

Context: The informant, a 19-year-old female college student of Indian and Pakistani descent, described the Indian holiday of Diwali to me when we were discussing how her mixed cultural background has shaped her worldview today. Text: Informant: Probably the most popular holiday in the Indian culture is Diwali. Basically, the way my family celebrates it,… Continue Reading »

Martinmas Festival

Content: Informant – “On November 11th, Waldorf schools around the world celebrate Martinmas. As the story goes, Saint Martin was a Roman soldier. He saw a beggar shivering in the cold, so Martin cut his own cloak in half and covered the beggar with half. The beggar was actually Christ. To commemorate his generosity, the… Continue Reading »

Ghost light (Theatre)

Allegra:  I think this might be pretty common folklore, but every theater has a ghost. Sometimes, in particularly old theaters, a ghost can cause disruptions if not appeased. Me: Have you ever experienced a theater ghost? Allegra: Yes. Many times. Our high school theatre had a ghost who would take the bra from a quick… Continue Reading »