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Limerick: “Monkey and a Baboon Sitting in the Grass”

Main Piece:  “Uh… Here’s one. Monkey and a baboon sitting in the grass. Monkey stuck his finger up the baboon’s ass. The baboon said ‘Monkey, damn your soul! Get your finger out of my asshole!’” Background: My informant learned this from his step-grandfather when they were bonding as part of the joining of two families…. Continue Reading »

Children’s Song: Hitler is a Jerk

Main Piece:  “Whistle while you work! Hitler is a jerk! Mussolini bit his weenie Now it doesn’t work” Background: My informant said that this was a popular limerick when he was a little kid in New England. It was something that kids would sing at recess. Some teachers didn’t care, but it wasn’t a limerick… Continue Reading »

Irish Limerick

My informant, an Irish-American male, grew up immersed in Irish culture. He was excited to share his Limericks with me — especially because sharing stories and poems is an important part of Irish social culture. I collected this Limerick (which he learned from his father) from him while we sat on his couch:   Killian:… Continue Reading »