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The Ghost of the Lyon Center

The following is my informant’s own experience with a ghost story. Prior to telling me this story, my informant told me several stories which had apparently happened over the last few years, which tell of a specific swimmer seeing a figure on the bleachers watching him swim. Apparently this swimmer then approached my informant with the same complaint, and the following is what happened.

They [the lifeguards] radioed for us and said that again, there was a guy [the swimmer] out there who said he saw someone on the bleachers, and wanted us to go check it out. So we go out there, check the bleachers, no one there, and I make sure that I scope to make sure that it’s clear: there wasn’t a person there. Again I take a look outside up towards the pool and I kind of see him [the swimmer] acknowledge that I’m looking, and at that point I left, came back up here, and eventually, as he’s leaving, he comes up to us and says: “Oh did you catch him this time?” So I, of course, told him I was the one out there, I didn’t see anyone, and he’s like “no he was definitely out there” so I got to thinking: did he think that I was the one watching him? As when I was there watching for the person who he thought was watching him? But he was like “no I saw you too, he was definitely out there.”

The following is an example of an experience based of the stories of others, which have become folklore. My informant had heard about the existence of this swimmer and his apparent visions of a stalker on the bleachers. When he was then approached by this swimmer, apparently about the same circumstances, he acted based on what he had heard about him, and thus continued the myth of the mysterious Lyon center ghost.