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Nude Bicyclist

Transcript of interview with informant:

“If you can share this, like, um, there’s like a legend of sorts in my town–like it’s not a legend, but several people I knew, like, from different areas of my life all talked about–supposedly there’s this guy who like a town away would ride around naked on a bicycle and masturbate. And people have ran into him and are like ‘Oh, don’t go certain places at night because people have seen the masturbating bicyclist…guy.”

Informant lives in Santa Barbara. The reports as he’s heard them indicate the bicyclist resides in Montecito. If this has happened even once, let alone multiple times, it’s certainly no surprise that the story has proliferated due to its highly sexual and comedic nature.

Urban Legend – Masturbation Leads to Blindness

“Too much masturbation can result in blindness.”


My informant first heard this urban legend in his middle school in Downey, CA in seventh grade.  He was in the locker rooms with some of his friends changing after their Physical Education period.  The guys were horsing playing and talking candidly about private issues.  After bouts of laughter and socking each other in the arms, some of them settled down on the bench waiting for the rest of their friends to finish changing.  One of his friends started talking about pornography and how he started downloading them.  Then David asked if any of them had started masturbating.  His friend replied that he did but with caution because he heard from his older brother who was in high school that too much masturbation can lead to blindness.

I do not believe this to have any anatomically scientific basis to it – hence, it is an urban legend.  I think David’s friend’s older brother was playing a prank on his younger brother.  I have heard another variation that masturbating too much results in hair growing on your hand.  I believe people have told this urban legend in the past because initially it was taboo for people to engage in what some people, especially religious people, thought to be immoral habits.  However, nowadays people are a lot more accepting of this behavior calling it natural.