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Fort Ord Suicide Ghost Story

Main Piece: Here is a transcription of my (CB) interview with my informant (HH). CB: “Can you tell me about Fort Ord?” HH: “Okay so i heard this story about the old Fort Ord barracks and how they got abandoned because there was this soldier who… um… was apparently was like ignored and really unhappy… Continue Reading »

Loony Bin

Main piece: In mental hospitals or treatment centers, patients will sometimes refer to their hospital or program as the “Loony Bin.” Context: The informant (S) is originally from Marietta, Georgia, and their lineage traces back to Germany on both sides of their family. They are a high school student about to graduate and head out-of-state to… Continue Reading »

“One day at a time”

Main piece: “One day at a time” Context: The informant (WB) is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but moved to Orem, Utah when he was 17 four years ago to receive addiction and mental health treatment. He ended up falling in love with the state and staying. WB’s father had Irish lineage and his mother was… Continue Reading »