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Eidee – Persian New Year

Description of Informant PK (79) is a small, frail woman with dyed blonde hair and piercing eyes. PK was born and raised in Abadan, Iran in an “Oil Company Family.” OCFs were families whose primary income came from the large British oil company in Iran. They were well compensated and taken care of, living in… Continue Reading »

New Years Tradition: Run Around the Block

Main Body:  Informant: My family doesn’t do this and I don’t think it’s a Nicaraguan thing to do. But some people, what they do is – is they put money in their shirt and they run around their block and the – like, their heartbeat, how many times your heart beats – that’s supposed to… Continue Reading »

Lucky Penny

Main Piece AO: “Growing up, I was always told that finding a penny face up was good luck.” Collector: “Do you still believe it?” AO: “I’d like to think I do. I still get a smile on my face when I come across a penny on the ground.” Collector: “Is there any bad luck associated… Continue Reading »