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Viola Joke

Main Text: “What’s the difference between the first and last stand of the viola section? About half a bar.” Background: The informant who told me the joke is a man in his early 20s. He grew up in childhood in Southern California and now attends school at the New England Conservatory of music. He is… Continue Reading »


Main Text: “Like when you fuck up a note, you, like, clammed it. You say “That was a clam.” It’s probably for when you should know better, not sight-reading. I feel like it’s like “damn…I practiced this so much but I still clammed it.” I think it’s for when you play the wrong note, not… Continue Reading »

Preparing for Performances

Main Piece: Informant: We played with xylophone for a couple of years before percussion. And once we were able to be in percussion, you got to use it a lot more. So it’s basically for the kids that wanted to have more time playing on it and making music with it and going more into… Continue Reading »

Pre-Choir Performance Ritual

Main Piece: Interviewer: You’re in choir, right? Informant: Uh huh. Interviewer: Is there any kind of rituals you guys do. Like anything before you guys start? Informant: Well, one of our teachers, right before we are about to go into a concert, she’ll have us sit in a room and turn off the lights. Then… Continue Reading »