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Ethiopian naming customs

My informant is from Washington, D.C. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Ethiopia. This her explanation of the customs surrounding the naming of newborn children in Ethiopian families: “A lot of times, it’s a sign of respect—not necessarily for your first child, but for your second child—you will like, allow your parents to… Continue Reading »

Chinese Naming Superstitions

The older Chinese tended to nickname their children after animals and give their boys, a girl’s name or a girl a boy’s name. My informant knew about this custom because his older sister was given a boy’s name to ensure that the next child would be a son. His sister was born in the 1940s,… Continue Reading »


“Students flooded Hospitality with emails to protest the reduced hours at TroGro, and Hospitality responded favorably within a week. Kris Klinger, director of USC Hospitality, promised to hold discussions with students and administrators to determine whether or not TroGro will continue its 24/7 operations next year.” By Rebecca Gao through the Daily Trojan Student input… Continue Reading »