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How to Name Scottish Royalty

Context: Gathered from one of my roommates once he found out about my collection project. Background: My roommate comes from “a long lineage of Scottish kings and clan leaders of a certain group of isles.” The Tradition: In Scotland, the ritual for naming a child in a family line, particularly if they’re royalty, is to simply add the… Continue Reading »

Hawaiian “Baby’s Firsts”

ʻahaʻaina māwaewae The rituals start with the baby’s birth. ʻAhaʻaina māwaewae is the celebration 24 hours after a child’s birth—so what happens in this one is that… it’s like whereas the ʻahaʻaina palala (one-year celebration) is a physical celebration of the child surviving, the ʻahaʻaina māwaewae is more of a psychological celebration. This is where… Continue Reading »