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USC Nazi Tree

Context: My informant is a 21 year old student from the University of Southern California. This conversation took place in a university dining hall one evening. The informant and I were in an open space, and the informant’s significant other was present and listening to the conversation, as well. The SO’s presence, is the most… Continue Reading »

The Basement Nazi Flag

Main Text Subject: USC has like, a Nazi Germany flag in the basement somewhere. Of like, Mudd Hall or somewhere, st…stashed away. Cuz’ like…it was hanging up during World War II or whatever? In this very building…I guess? Background Information The interview was conducted in the Von KleinSmid Center library basement, which is the “very… Continue Reading »

The Nazi Tree

Main piece: The legend goes that VKC (who was a Nazi and a eugenicist in addition to being President of the University [of Southern California]) got a donation of a tree from the Nazi party that’s still on campus today. Some people think that it’s the Fig tree by Moreton Fig, but that’s definitely not… Continue Reading »

Nazi Deathcamp Catch Joke

My informant is a Caucasian American who grew up in Los Altos, California. He performed this catch joke on me when we were casually talking in the suite of my college dormitory: “Collector: It’s weird how hilarious holocaust death camp jokes are…I mean, they’re terrible! Informant: Hey, don’t make fun of that. My grandfather died… Continue Reading »