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Jumping Three Times at Midnight on New Years

Piece AM: If you jump three times at midnight [on New Years] you’ll get taller. That’s what my grandparents tell me when I was little.  Interviewer: Did you do it? AM: Yeah, but did I get taller. No! I’m 5’2 still. It was just on New Years when it hits 12:00am. Interviewer: Is this a… Continue Reading »

Hawaiian and East-Asian New Year Traditions

Main Piece: Subject: So… the first thing I can think of is- I think it’s broadly East-Asian Japanese at least in Hawaii- but on New Year’s Eve up until New Year’s, aside from cleaning the house and leaving the door open to welcome the New Year, you also light fireworks to scare away any bad… Continue Reading »

Peruvian New Years Tradition: Run the Suitcase Around the Block

AS is a USC game design major who’s family hails from Peru, she enjoys spreadsheets, Dungeons and Dragons, and spreadsheets about Dungeons and Dragons. AS grew up in Texas after her family moved there from Peru. ——————————————————————————————————————— AS: My family had a lot of traditions for New Years, I’ve heard a lot of people do… Continue Reading »

Placing Cutlery for the Dead- A Korean New Years Tradition

Main Text Collector: I know the your family does special acts for the Korean New Year. Would you mind telling me a few of these and what you think is the most important part for the celebration? HK: “The most important part is that every male family member has to have a different spoon and… Continue Reading »