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Syrian Proverb

حيث لايوجد الناس هناك الجحيم Transliteration: heith layoujd alnas hnak aljehm Translation: Where there is no people, there is hell. Context of proverb: This proverb presents the Syrian fear of solitude, thus demonstrating the importance of relational ties to others. In this sense, you are meant to treat others kindly so that you gain their… Continue Reading »

“The Best Construction”

Context & Analysis The subject, my mother, and I were getting coffee for breakfast and I asked her if she could tell me some stories about her childhood. The subject’s father (who has recently passed away) was a history professor in the Midwest. The family moved frequently because of this, which made it difficult for… Continue Reading »

People don’t change

The informant was born and raised in Colorado. She all her life has used proverbs that her grandmother taught her to develop relationships. Her grandmother helped in assisting her by giving her proverbs to live by that apply to any situation and any human. “A tiger can’t change its stripes” Informant… “My grandma would always tell… Continue Reading »

You Only Know a Person After You’ve Eaten Through a Whole Sack of Salt with Him

Proverb: Само знаеш човек след като си изял цял чувал сол с него. Transliteration: Znaesh chovek camo cled kato ci izyal cial chuval ot col c nego. Literal Translation: You only know a person after you’ve eaten through a whole sack of salt with him. Meaning: It takes time to really know get to know… Continue Reading »