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Three Little Piggies- Bedtime Story

Main piece: “There is the story about the three little pigs. They are brothers and there is a lazy lazy one, a lazy one, and a hard-working one. They build three houses. Each one builds one house, all out of different materials. One of them built it really quick and was like ‘yeah whatever’, the… Continue Reading »

The Pig at the Baptism

Main Piece: “The story goes that a family… they were getting ready for their first child’s baptism and first birthday. So, the family invited many people to the party and had decided to serve a whole roasted pig. A week prior to the baptism/party, the family had gotten a really fat and big pig. That… Continue Reading »

Pigs Bring Wealth

Pigs Bring Wealth The Informant: She was an elderly who came to the U.S. in the early 1990s. Although Christian, she says she still believes in this superstition a little bit.   돼지 꿈구면 행운이다. 돼지는 한국에서, 이 뭐냐, 돈이야. 옛잘에 모든 사업 아니면 일하는분들은 돼지머리를 잘라서 절을 하는거야. 절하다가 코에다가 돈 집어넣고, 입에도 넣고,… Continue Reading »

Korean Dream Superstition – Pigs

“A dream about a pig is a very good sign promising riches.”   My informant first heard about this superstition from her mother when she was about eight years old, living in Pusan, Korea.  Her mother told her that pigs were a welcoming sign because it would mean the household would flourish with wealth.  That… Continue Reading »