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Blackbeard’s Treasure

Main Piece: So, Sullivan’s Island, where I’m from, is supposedly the home of Blackbeard’s treasures. It’s like an actual written document, Blackbeard at one point visited Charleston and held the city hostage for a few days in exchange of medical support on his crew. Charleston also was like a famous port hub for a whole… Continue Reading »

A Pirate’s Favorite Letter

Context: The informant told this joke in passing, and I asked to hear it again because of the play on words. Piece: Informant: “What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?” Collector: “I don’t know… what is it? Is it R?” Informant: “Arr you’d think so but me first love be the C” Background: The informant, a 20 year… Continue Reading »

Pirate’s Cave

Here my informant recounts a tradition among the local youth he knew in Point Loma to visit a place they called the “Pirate Cave” he describes the historical basis for the tradition, and the reasons people are still drawn there. “Alright, well I grew up in Point Loma San Diego, and there’s this thing called… Continue Reading »