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Are you something to write home about?

Main Performance: “Jak cię widzą tak cię piszą” Transliterated Proverb Jak = How cię = you widzą = they tak = see piszą = they write Full Translation: How they see you is how they write [perceive] you Explanation: The proverb refers to how one presents themselves outwardly are what people will think of them… Continue Reading »

Polish Yuletide: The Sharing of Bread and the Self

Main Performance: Also in polish tradition, during Christmas time and sometimes Easter, a special unleavened bread is used. You start with a whole and someone (a family member or such) will come up to you, take a piece of the wafer and in return wish good things upon you (pleasure, money, health etc.) and you… Continue Reading »

Ukrainian WW2 Joke

Informant’s Background: The informant, in this case, is my father, F, who was a first generation immigrant born to an Ukrainian/Scottish family in Canada in 1950. His family was poor and working class, and he lived in Canada for many years before attending schools in England, and eventually moving back to Canada before moving with… Continue Reading »

Sto Lat

Main Text:  Sto Lat  Background on Informant:  My informant is from the United States of America, however identifies with her Polish heritage. While she has embraced her culture in several ways, one of her favorites is the traditional Polish song “Sto Lat”.  Context:  She explains:  “Growing up my mother always wanted me to embrace my… Continue Reading »