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Don’t Pout, There’s a Bird Coming!

Folk Piece “Don’t pout or a bird will land on that lip!”   Background “It’s kind of ridiculous. Like, of course a bird isn’t going to land on my lip. But, like, kids are also crazy and would probably believe everything. When I started hearing this phrase so much it bothered me, but now as… Continue Reading »

The Pooping your Pants story

My informant told me a story about his younger brother: “My brother, sister and I all went to an inner city Roman Catholic grammar school.  It was located next to a church, and every day during recess, at exactly noon, the bells would ring the Angelus and all children were supposed to stop in their… Continue Reading »

Bar Stool

 Billy Echols-Richter Houston, Texas April 9, 2012 Folklore Type: Joke Informant Bio: Billy is my uncle on my mother’s side. He is a Methodist Pastor, and a hilarious and friendly person and/or kid. He recently did a sermon series using Dr. Seuss. I have recently discovered he could be considered the family story teller because he… Continue Reading »