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Praying for a Good Harvest: Indian Festival of Lohri

Text: S: “Lohri is basically celebrated in Punjab and Haryana [states of India] and also in other parts of the country but has different significance you know across the country… So basically it’s the time when you uh sow the fresh crop…But so what we do for Lohri is we burn a bonfire kind of a thing… Continue Reading »

“Ich bin klein”

Main piece: Ich bin klein mein Herz ist rein darf niemand drin wohnen als Jesus allein.   Informant’s English translation:   I am small, My heart is pure, So no one will live in my heart but Jesus alone.   Context: The informant (DB) is a first generation immigrant from Germany; her mother is from… Continue Reading »

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Main piece: When in times of great stress or excitement, one will exclaim, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” Context: The informant is half Irish and half American. Her mother’s side of the family is originally from and still resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Her paternal extended family live in Sligo, Ireland. She grew up culturally Catholic, but… Continue Reading »

St. Joseph

Informant: My informant, M.A., is 18 and was born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. M.A. parents both work as corporate lawyers and he hopes to pursue the same career. M.A. is also a practicing Catholic and is strongly connected to his religion. He has one brother and two sisters with the family being almost fully… Continue Reading »