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Indian Proverb on Procrastination

Context & Background:

I grew up around the house hearing this proverb all the time from my mother and father. The informant is my father who gives more insights on the meaning of the words. Translated from Hindi to English

Performance: (in person)

Proverb: “Kal kare jo aaj kare, aaj kare jo ab”


Kal: tomorrow

Kare: to do

Jo: you 

Aaj: today

Kare: do

Aaj: today

Kare: to do 

Jo: you 

Ab: now 

Translation: What you’re gonna do tomorrow, do today, and what you do today, do now. 

Explanation: Whenever you say you will do something tomorrow or later, it doesn’t happen. So whenever you say tomorrow, think I will do it today. And, whenever you think I’ll do today, do it now. 


I think my parents were giving me anti procrastination propaganda from an early age. Anyways, from first-hand experience, I know that Indian households put a large emphasis on studies and academics. The households obviously want to instill good values in their children, like not to procrastinate, but I think there is an underlying purpose for getting better at academics. The pressure to be good at school starts from a young age, a lot like Asian culture. In order to foster good habits, the parents say this proverb whenever they see their child not being productive. This is a quick and efficient way to get them back on track.