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Salvadoran Children Song

Sana, Sana culito de rana

Si no sanas hoy, sanaras manana

Translate to: Heal, heal, little bug of frog, if you don’t heal today, then you’ll heal tomorrow.

This song is usually sung to small children that have been hurt. it is a way to keep children from crying to when they get hurt.

My informant is a service coordinator. She likes to help people. She also migrated from El Salvador to the United States. Most of her stories are from her mother or personal experiences.

I talked to my informant over coffee in our house.


Pupusas and rellenitos de platano

“Okay let’s say pupusa and rellenitos de platano pupusas are made from corn flour beans, cheese, meat – which can include chicken or pork – and well these are very common ingredients that can be found almost anywhere in Latin America…I learned about them from my mommy who knows how to make them, and trust me they are so good I can eat them for DAYS. It’s a native dish so it has been passed down by like tradition I guess you can say, even before the Spanish came it was like just a simple meal but it is special to us because it’s something that has been passed down to us by our ancestors, wow I sound so fancy. Sorry any who, one ingredient you can use in a pupusa is the Loroco, the Loroco is an indigenous plant of El Salvador, it’s not really found outside of Central America. Rellenos de platano are mashed up platanos filled with either refried beans or like crema, well cream whatever, so you mash up the platanos, stuff them with either the beans or cream., fry them then roll them in sugar, my mom also showed me how to make these. I kinda feel like making food with my mom was a really well good way to make sure I was more involved in my culture and such, plus I love cooking so it was great and it made me learn about my past family members too. But man those meals are good!”

Another means of folklore that is very good is the way that cultures unite through food, it is a means to come together as a family. Food is a good way to learn about one’s culture because not only you learn about the plants that one can find from the place we are from but get to interact with families who teach us the recipes.  Maybe even so these recipes will be taught to our children by us in hopes that they will keep the traditions and continue this sort of folklore for generations to come in order to make sure that it gets passed on.