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Mango Sticky Rice

CONTEXT/BACKGROUND:The interlocutor (JP) is animmigrant from the Philippines. She lived there for over 20 years before moving to Los Angeles, California. The following is a recipe she learned from her Thai roommate when they were in University in the Philippines. DESCRIPTION: (told in person)(JP): “My roommate taught me this recipe in college. We eat this… Continue Reading »

Minced Pork Stew Ng Family Style

Context This is a recipe passed down to my mother from my grandmother. I reached out to my mother for the receipt of Pork Stew. It is a very traditional Chinese dish, specifically within Hokkein families. Hokkein is a dialect spoken by Southeastern parts of China, and in Singapore, it is one of the most… Continue Reading »

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe – From Africa to NY

Context: Informant KC was a current undergraduate student at the time of this collection. In speaking with them about their childhood and upbringing in the east end of Long Island, NY, they disclosed a family recipe for a gluten-free chocolate cake that has become a staple when the family gathers at their home and eats… Continue Reading »

Russian Wedding Tradition

каравай Transliteration: Korovai Description: Korovai is a large bread that is baked for the wedding day. It takes a few days to prepare it. The bread is always round, decorated, and supposed to represent the God of the sun. The bread is brought out on a towel or a blanket that has symbols of love… Continue Reading »

Cajun Seafood Fettuccine

Piece Recipe: Seafood Fettuccine Make normal fettuccine noodles and then in a separate saucepan, you use velveeta cheese, the kind that comes in a mac and cheese mix and you take the shells out and just use the cheese. You mix it with whole milk or any heavy cream and then dice tomatoes, onions, and… Continue Reading »