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The folk practice of homebrewing was described to me by a friend as we ate lunch in a dining hall. There is no official recipe for this practice, and my friend’s homebrewing was influenced by many sources, both official and unofficial. ‘A’ refers to my friend, and ‘B’ refers to me. A: What I do… Continue Reading »

A Poor Chinese Communist’s Guide to Cooking

Context: I collected this from a high school friend when we were on a camping trip together over Spring Break. Background: My friend is Chinese on his mother’s side, and she grew up in a poorer part of Communist China. The Cooking Method: Because of the lack of proper food that poor Chinese people had to eat, they… Continue Reading »

Duck Shooting in New Zealand

There’s a national tradition that the first of May is the opening of duck shooting season. And, all over the country people go duck shooting. If you live in town, everyone knows someone in the country (if they’re into duck shooting, not everyone’s into duck shooting, but there’s a lotta people that are), what they’ll… Continue Reading »


EXAMPLE: My informant’s family’s Salsa recipe. A can of tomatoes (16oz) A handful of cilantro from the bushel A little less than a quarter of an onion Two Serrano Peppers, unstemmed Take all the ingredients above and blend them together. Once at a good consistency, not too watery, able to see slices of the cilantro… Continue Reading »